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Using The Facility

Sample Preparation

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Billing and Fee Structure

User Fees

  • The basic rate for academic/government users is $40 per hour, charged up to a maximum of 10 hours during a 24 hour cycle (i.e., $400/day).
  • The rate for academic/government users who require supervision (more than basic set-up help), or for instrument operation by lab personell the rate is $60 per hour with no daily maximum.
  • The rate for non-academic users is $200/per hour with a two hour minimum (no daily maximum). This includes assistance from lab personell setting up and operating the EPMA, and evaluating and interpreting data (if needed).

EPMA Billing

New EPMA users will complete an Electron Microprobe Authorization Form prior to their first EPMA session, and accounts will be billed/invoices sent within 60 days (unless otherwise arranged). Once invoiced, payment is expected within 30 days.

Payment Methods

  • Stanford Project, Task, Award (PTA) accounts
  • Check
  • Wire transfer
  • Credit card